Terms of purchase

La Gatta optical d.o.o.
Cumiceva 2, lok 93, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
Statistic number: 21009792
PIB: 108489981

Based on the provisions of Art. 13 and Art. 27 of the Law on Consumer Protection (official gazette rs 62/2014) limited liability company for trade, production and services La Gatta optical d.o.o. informs its consumers who buy goods online:

- That the sale of goods through the website www.lagatta.rs is performed within the registered activities of the company La Gatta optical d.o.o., Cumiceva 2, lok 93, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia, Mat. no.21009792, PIB: 108489981, Phone: +381113130046, www.lagatta.rs;
- That the e-mail address for complaints is optical.stores.lagatta@gmail.com;
- That the basic features of the goods can be found on the website www.lagatta.rs;
- According to the Law on Consumer Protection (Official Gazette of RS, No. 62/2014), purchases through our sales website www.lagatta.rs are considered distance selling;
- That the selling price of the goods is indicated with each item;
- That VAT is already included in the stated price with each item;
- That the cost of delivery is free for Serbia.
- To deliver the ordered goods within 3 working days via the Post Express courier service in the manner defined on the Delivery Method page here;
- That the purchase of goods with special price benefits or price incentives is performed in accordance with the conditions specified on the online store www.lagatta.rs;
- That the consumer can pay for the goods he buys through the online store www.lagtta.rs with payment cards, payment on account or cash on delivery, ie. cash on delivery;
- That the consumer has the right to replace the delivered item if the item is damaged or incomplete, in the manner defined here.
- That in case of receipt of goods the consumer does not want to keep the same item, he has the right to withdraw from the contract and refund the amount of the paid purchase price for the goods in question within 14 days in the manner defined here.
- Yes, for goods ordered through the online store www.lagatta.rs, the consumer has the right to complain about the already used product in the manner defined here.
- You can see supported payment methods here.
- We always try to have every item in the web store in stock, but due to market dynamics and the number of sales facilities we have, there is a possibility that in some cases items that are no longer available in our warehouse will be ordered. If this happens, our sales department will notify you by email or phone and offer you an alternative. Please note that the information on available quantities is in line with the real situation every 24 hours and that the item you have selected is currently not available, which our team will inform you about.
- Privacy policy and protection of confidential transaction data can be found here.

All payments will be made in the currency of the Republic of Serbia - Dinar (RSD). The amount for which your payment card will be charged will be expressed in your local currency through conversion into the same at the exchange rate used by your bank, which is currently unknown to us. As a result of this conversion, there is a possibility of a difference from the original price listed on our site.


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