Method of payment

If you have decided to buy our products through the site, we offer you the option of payment in several ways:
- Cash on delivery - you can pay in cash when picking up the shipment
- Payment to the account (individuals) - by filling in the payment slip and payment at the counter of any bank or post office
- Payment to the account (legal entities) - direct payment to our current account after the issuance of the proforma invoice
- Payment card - one of the prominent payment cards. (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro)


When picking up a shipment that you previously ordered through our website, the payment of the order is made exclusively in cash in dinars in the hands of the courier of our partner courier service who brings you the shipment.

By payment to the account (individuals)
By filling in the payment slip and paying at the counter of any bank or post office.

By payment to the account (legal entities)
Possible method of payment only for legal entities. Payment is made to our current account upon issuance of the proforma invoice.

Payment by cards

You can pay for your order using the prominent payment cards on the site.
When ordering online, by selecting the appropriate payment method, you will be redirected to a bank page that is protected and secure for this method of payment. At no time is your payment card information available to our system.
On this page you need to enter the following information:
Card number,
expiration date and
CVC2 / CVV2 code, which you can read on the back of your card.

When entering payment card data, confidential information is transmitted over the public network in a protected (encrypted) form using SSL protocols and PKI systems, as currently the most modern cryptographic technology.

The security of data during the purchase is guaranteed by the payment card processor, so the complete billing process is performed on the pages of the processor or the bank.

At no time is payment card information available to our system.

* Data entry and verification are performed exclusively between the card user and the bank, and the Internet trader does not have access to the data that is exchanged.

Payment is not possible in foreign currency, but only in RSD. Payment is possible with payment cards of domestic and foreign banks.

A customer who uses the online card payment service through our online store must meet the following conditions:
- Delivery of goods is possible only on the territory of the Republic of Serbia, at the address specified in the order.
- Only the payment card holder can make the payment.


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