Complaint and cancellation of purchase

Products sold through our online store are accompanied by all legally necessary documentation. If there is a need to advertise a certain item for quality, we will fulfill all legally defined obligations for the seller, in the same way as if you bought the goods in a classic store.

- If the delivered product is damaged or an incomplete problem must be recorded on the spot, in front of the courier, by checking the goods and if something is wrong, immediately report the defect. If the courier does not wait for you to check the package, the deadline for complaints is 14 days. If the package delivered to you by the courier is damaged, you can refuse the shipment, if the damage is established after delivery and opening the package, you are obliged to report the complaint within 24 hours because otherwise it will not be accepted.

- In the event of a complaint, contact us at the contact numbers on our website to arrange for the collection of the defective device and submit it to our complaint service.

- If the product you ordered arrives damaged during delivery, it is necessary to contact the courier service that delivered the product within 24 hours in order to make a report, and then inform us about it.

- You have 14 days, from the day of receipt, to return the goods to the seller, if for some reason you are not satisfied. The buyer can return the goods only with the INVOICE and the REASON FOR RETURN written. We will accept the goods and refund you, if you have not damaged or in any other way reduced the value of the product during that period. You need to inform us about it at and fill in the form for unilateral termination of the contract, which can be found on this site. The return of goods and money is at the expense of the buyer.


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