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Pomellato Sunglasses for Women

Synonymous with creativity and character on the international jewellery scene, Pomellato was established in Milan in 1967, thanks to the intuition of its founder, Pino Rabolini. He was a pioneer in introducing the prêt-à-porter philosophy into the world of jewellery. The brand's strong and distinctive identity enabled Pomellato to rapidly gain ground in the Italian market and subsequently the rest of the world.

Pomellato creations – unique in their blend of colourful stones, stone cutting and setting methods – are immediately recognisable and have built a consistent, iconic style over time.

The successful combination of excellence, artisanal roots and cutting-edge inventiveness that highlights Pomellato’s signature jewelry collections is revisited to powerful effect in the brand Eyewear Collection. Colorful, labor-intensive and daring, just like the brand’s distinctive jewels. Developed in partnership with Pomellato’s master jewelers, the collection taps into the house’s three iconic themes - Nudo, Veleno and Victoria – and their signature textured surfaces, unmistakable transparencies and cabochon cuts.

Pomellato Sunglasses
Pomellato PM0036S ruthenium/grey shaded (003 U)
51000 RSD
Pomellato PM0033S gold/pink (004 Q)
57000 RSD
Pomellato PM0021S black/grey shaded crystal (001 E)
66000 RSD
Pomellato PM0012S black/grey shaded (001 B)
44000 RSD
40000 RSD
Pomellato PM0010S smoke ruthenium/grey silver mirror (003 F)
67000 RSD
Pomellato PM0008S havana/brown shaded (002 E)
46000 RSD
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