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Cartier Sunglasses for Men

Distinctive creativity, exceptional savoir-faire and iconic style. Founded in 1847, Cartier is not only one of the most established names in the world of Jewellery and Watches: it is also the reference of true and timeless luxury. Referred to as The Maison Cartier, it distinguishes itself by its mastery of all the unique skills and crafts used for the creation of a Cartier piece. Driven by a constant quest for excellence in design, innovation and expertise, the Maison stands in a unique and enviable position, that of a leader and pioneer in its field. Since the very beginning, Maison Cartier has marked itself as the undisputed leader and the most distinctive global brand in the absolute eyewear market. For over 30 years, Cartier has created exceptional eyewear, each a testimony to the style and history of Cartier: Santos, Panthère de Cartier, Trinity de Cartier and so many more.

Cartier Sunglasses
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Cartier CT0075S black silver/grey (001 C)
104000 RSD
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Cartier CT0038S black ruthenium/dark brown (005 F)
91000 RSD
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Cartier CT0037S light ruthenium/silver (003 I)
91000 RSD
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Cartier CT0035S gold/brown (001 L)
124000 RSD
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Cartier CT0034S ruthenium black/grey (005 D)
119000 RSD
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Cartier CT0001S blue grey/green shaded (004 A)
49000 RSD
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